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If you haven’t decided what gun you want to consider, there are a number of buying guides on Shooting UK that will certainly prove helpful. Click the headline of the guide you’re interested in and you can read the advice online for free.

Buying a second-hand rifle
Buying a second-hand rifle can be confusing because there are many different common calibers to choose from. Bruce Potts explains how to check a second-handle rifle to see if it’s worth buying.

Shotguns for ladies
Finding a shotgun for a lady is now relatively straightforward, thanks to ever-increasing numbers of women who have taken up the sport in the past 20 years. In this shotgun buying guide, Bill Elderkin explains how to find the perfect shotgun for ladies.

Shotguns for the older gentleman
The key to finding a good gun that will suit an older gentleman is to choose one with good gun fit and opt for a 20 or even 28-bore shotgun that offers benefits such as reduced weight and lighter handling. You could even alter an existing gun…

Shotguns for youngsters
The calibre of gun is often dictated by the stature of the youngster, but you should also consider how they are going to shoot before choosing a bore size. See Bill Elderkin’s suggestions of shotguns that will suit youngsters.

Guns for investment
In spite of the continued economic crisis, British guns continue to hold their value and present a reasonable option for investment.