How to add photos to your advert

How to add photos to your advert

You know that adding a photo to your listing will double your chances of a sale but you may need a bit of extra help to do this. Shooting UK’s guide will walk you through the whole process starting with downloading the images from your camera to your PC all the way to uploading them to this website.

Step one: Download your photos to your computer.

This video explains how you can do this on a Windows computer or laptop:

Step two: Upload your photos to your advert

Once you’ve decided which photos to use, you need to add them to your advert. Click the upload photo/video button on the ad placement page, as illustrated below:
upload photo

Then you need to choose your photo from your library, select it and click ‘open’:


Important - You must add the photos one at a time
The first photo you upload will be the primary image
This process needs to be repeated for each image.

Don't forget, you can add up to 20 images/video for no extra cost.

If you have technical problems please email