Scam Advice

Advice for buyers

1. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.Look at similar models and compare the average price. If the price seems unusually low then take extra steps to verify the seller’s claims, ask for pictures of any defects which could affect the price and be more cautious when dealing with international sellers.

2. Always try to check that the buyer contact details are correct including name, business name (if applicable), city, email and phone number.

3. Call the supplied number to verify it as a minimum precaution.Check that the seller has possession of the dog or gun by requesting a specific photo not commonly found on the manufacturer’s website (such as a close-up of a specific part of the gun or product).

4. Be cautious if a seller refuses local pick up or won't meet you in person. If they will not allow you to view the gun or dog, then ask them to explain why.

5. If, after dealing with a seller, you are suspicious the person is not genuine, or if you receive an email message that you feel is suspicious please contact us immediately on 01252 555307

Please note: ShootingUK Guns for Sale does not sell any products directly. If a seller implies this please notify us immediately.

Advice for sellers

1. If the price offered seems too good to be true, it may well be.

2. Be suspicious of a buyer who won't talk to you directly.

3. Only accept payment from the buyer themselves. We were recently alerted to one scammer who claimed a client owed him money and the client would issue a bank draft cheque to pay for a puppy. He wanted the seller to take their money first and said someone would pick up the rest of the money from him. Thankfully the seller told the scammer that he would only accept money from a buyer directly and then forwarded the information to us.

4. If you are unsure about anything, please contact 01252 555307

5. If you come across a scam, please alert us so we can update this article for our users.


A person who is under 18 years of age may not purchase or hire any firearms, shotguns or ammunition. The final transaction must be completed face-to-face between buyer and seller.

Both parties MUST show their shotgun or firearms certificates and the Police MUST be notified of the transaction.

If at any point when responding to an advert or dealing with an enquiry for your advert you do not feel 100% satisfied with the legitimacy of the caller please do not hesitate to contact the Time Inc. (UK) Ltd advertising team on 01252 555307