How to sell your gun with ShootingUK Marketplace

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Plus - if you’re a private seller, you can sell your gun for free!

Our simple and easy-to-use ad placement page will get your gun advert up on ShootingUK Marketplace in a matter of minutes. Just select the type of gun (airgun, antique gun, rifle or shotgun) and fill out the title and description boxes and add the price of your gun.

The most successful gun adverts have detailed descriptions with clear photos that show what the gun looks like.

Need help with uploading a photo? This guide explains how to get photos off your camera and on to our website

You can make your advert really stand out by adding a background colour, border, new icon or reduced icon to your listing. 

Find out how to write a successful advert

ShootingUK Marketplace also helps you to advertise your gun for sale in our print magazines. You can book text adverts, or adverts with images, in Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Shooting Gazette through the website. Click here to see examples of the adverts.

Do you need help with your advert? Our dedicated support team will be happy to help. Call them on 01252 555307

Once your advert has been submitted, it will be reviewed by our moderation team and published online shortly afterwards. You will be notified when your advert is approved.

Don’t forget to review your gun for sale advert when it’s on the website. Don’t worry if you’ve made any mistakes; you can log in to ShootingUK Marketplace and edit your advert at any time.

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