How to write a successful advert

Whether you’re looking to sell a gun or a gundog, or even if you want to advertise a job or game farming equipment, these simple guidelines will help you produce a successful advert so you can get the most out of Shooting UK Marketplace.

Write a clear title

This is one of the first things that people will notice, so you should strive to make the title as clear and precise as possible. Don’t forget to make the subject of your advert obvious by putting the name of it in the title.

sell your gundog

Use photos
Did you know that adverts with photos are seven times more successful on Shooting UK Marketplace? That’s because a good image will catch people’s attention and they will be able to see clearly just what you’re advertising. If you don’t use a good photo, your advert is likely to be overlooked.

Give detail
The description is the place where you can really start to sell your advert. It's worth considering that only the first 100 characters of your description will be shown in the search results, so it's a great idea to get the most important detail at the start of your description.

Don't be afraid to give a lot of detail in the description. If the teaser text catches someone's eye they will open your advert and read the rest of the description.

Boost your advert’s performance
Once you’ve crafted a strong advert with a clear title, good photos and a detailed description, you’ll be asked if you want to enhance your advert. This is your chance to get your advert to appear on the homepage or make it stand out through the use of borders and background colour or icons. Plus, you can make your advert stay at the top of the listings page to ensure as many people see it as possible. You can even pay for a print advert in one of our magazines.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can use Shooting UK Marketplace effectively, please speak to our dedicated sales team on 01252 555307