Writing your advertisement

You have decided to sell your gun and it is ready for interested buyers to view.

Selling your gun with Shooting Uk can cost as little as £5 for eight weeks in an advertisement that goes online.


But how can you make sure you have buyers lining up to see your gun?


The key is to writing your advertisement is keeping it simple. Don’t leave out any important information.


Apart from listing the gun’s specifications, it should draw attention to anything that makes it special.


Photographs are useful but should be clear, high quality and show the gun at its best. (The same applies if you are selling a gundog puppy – a blurry image won’t attract.)


Remember that professional photographs can only be used in advertisements with the photographer’s permission due to copyright.


Most buyers have a budget and many are put off if a price is not given or if “substantial price required” or PAO (price on application) are used. There is no point in people responding to your advert if they do not have the funds to match your asking price. 


Remember to include the area of the country that you are based and list a landline telephone number as well as a mobile if you can. An email address can also be a useful means of contact, although if used online you may end up receiving scam emails.


Once you have written the advert, ask yourself: “would I go and see this gun?” If the answer is no, you need to rethink the advert.


When supplying the advert online, check it carefully for spelling mistakes.

If you are giving an advert over the phone, ask the person to read the advert back to you to check they have got the spelling correct.